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Qualities to Look for in an Aged Care Worker

If you are working or looking to get involved in aged care, then you should be aware of the tasks involved in this kind of work. In order to be a good aged care worker, you must not only be proficient in what you do, but you must also possess certain qualities that will make you great in this field. No matter, what your age, we call desire to maintain our Dignity, Independence and a sense of Control.

Good Aged Care Worker

Respect and Kindness

One of the most important aspects of aged care is the ability to be both respectful and kind to the elderly you are caring for. The quality of your service is the focal point of this kind of job, so you should be able to work with a smile. Of course, all of us deserve to be respected and cared for (when needed) but even more so for the elderly.

Many elderly people don’t have a large support system either, especially those who are living in a nursing home. This means that you should be even more supportive and understanding of their needs and be able to listen and provide encouragement.

Responsibility and Patience

On the more work-oriented side, a good aged care worker must be responsible and flexible with their time and schedule. Since the people they care for have special needs, they should be able to provide individualised care promptly.

The caregiving profession is also stressful in nature, so any aged care worker should have a certain degree of patience to be able to perform demanding tasks while maintaining a positive attitude and outlook.


Keep in mind that individuals belonging in this age group are prone to depression and they may sometimes feel isolated. A good caregiver should be aware and sensitive about this fact; taking the time to check on the client and lending a sympathetic ear can make a big difference.

A Good Worker

When it comes to choosing an aged care worker, there are certain attributes that you should consider. Aside from the skills, personal characteristics are also essential. In short, you should leave your loved one in the hands of someone you can trust. However, for all our care staff at Tall Trees, we live b y the adage,; “If it’s not good enough for our Mums, it’s just not good enough.”

To learn more about aged care work and how we perform, please call 07 3442 9378. Tall Trees has communities on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and other parts of Australia and we can assure you that all our professionals have the attributes mentioned and even more!

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